Oceatec provides solutions in the development of production processes. We are industry minded and we always aim at optimizing project costs and time.

Oceatec specializes in developing new equipment as well as in improving the performance of existing machines. We help companies grow their business and improve their activities.

  • Design and fabrication of automated equipment.
  • Equipment sourcing.
  • Production line development.
  • Here is a more detailed list of the services that we provide:
    • Support in bringing your ideas to life, from concept to fabrication;
    • Research and experimental development in new machine design;
    • Applied research in automation;
    • Automation of manual processes and operations;
    • Upgrade of equipment imported from overseas to the North American standards;
    • Energy costs calculations and sources conversion;
    • Mechanical design, drawings and specifications for fabrication;
    • Processing lines productivity and yield improvement;
    • Equipment selection and optimization of drying parameter for dried food products. For more information;
    • Machine safety. For more information;
    • Design of systems using air vacuum technologies and suction;
    • Design and fabrication of innovative manual tools for production workers;
    • Contact us to learn about all our expertise.