Previous work examples

Sea Urchin Processing
  • Custom made automated equipment.
  • Applied research.
  • Prototype fabrication.

    For this project, Oceatec took over a preliminary concept abandonned by a local Technology Transfert Center and turned it into an industrial solution.


    Oceatec team improved this technology and quickly brought it to the prototype level. It was then tested in a sea urchin processing plant to gather the feedback of the industry. Following this strict and result oriented experimental development process, improvements were incorporated to produce a ready to use system that solves the labour expertise issues related to urchin roe production. This equipment also adequately answers quality requirements expressed by urchin processors.


    Visit this page for more information about the processing line, now offered by Oceatec, resulting from this seafood processing equipment design project.


    If you have a fish equipment design idea to submit to our team contact us so we can set things in motion.