Sea Cucumber Evisceration Line

Sea Cucumber Main benefits
  • Fast and efficient cleaning;

  • Eliminate the need of the longitudinal cut (Butterfly Cut) - designed for the Cocoon Cut;

  • Centralized offall recuperation tank;

  • Remove the innards and leave the meat (flesh);


Oceatec has developped the first sea cucumber (holoturian) evisceration line on the market for the Cocoon Cut. Designed for the Cucumaria frondosa species, this semi-automated production line allows to clean sea cucumbers without removing its flesh or damaging its skin. With this process, the cut along the sea cucumber body is not required to remove the innards (Butterfly Cut), which produces the Cocoon Cut. This process improves the cleaning step productivity by reducing the required time for this processing stage, compared with the traditionnal manual process and compared with the Butterfly Cut process.

Oceatec specialists will provide consulting services on the layout and the design of the processing line. Visit the Services page or Contact Us for more information about this system.

This system is not available in the Province of Quebec, Canada.